Imagine yourself at Xometry six months from now as a full stack web developer. You will be comfortable coding using the software and stack even if you didn’t join with exactly the needed skills. That’s okay because Xometry is much more interested in your ability to rapidly learn, solve problems and get things done. After a short period of time, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a python and AngularJS guru.

Xometry values collaboration, teamwork and openness so you’ll have learned a lot from your peers, whether from code reviews, lunch and learns, technology summits or just friendly banter. You’ll also bring your own ideas and have applied them to help the team become more efficient, productive and innovative.

You’ll be accustomed to working in short, focused sprints using scrum methodology, and will apply the general knowledge of manufacturing that you gained spending time out Xometry’s manufacturing facility to what you do. And you’ve probably learned to be careful mentioning your crazy ideas because around here we’re just crazy enough to work on them.

Perks: 401k, commuter FSA, free snacks!

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