Scalawag magazine is launching a new initiative to cover state politics across the American South, and the team is hiring a state politics editor on a part-time, contract basis to head it up. This initiative will employ stringers in four Southern states to cover legislative politics in a way that demystifies what goes on in our statehouses, and foregrounds stories from communities directly impacted by the policies crafted there.

The magazine team is looking for an editor who will manage this reporting and expand work with other talented freelancers throughout the South. People in the South need reporting that raises awareness of regional trends, and the national audience needs reporting that treats Southern politics with depth and nuance. The state politics editor will play a key role in developing this reporting hub.

About Scalawag:

Scalawag is a media startup focused on the American South, pioneering a new model of nonprofit, mission-driven journalism. Based in Durham, North Carolina, the magazine is entering its third year as a print quarterly with additional online content. Scalawag amplifies voices of writers, artists and thinkers to reckon with the South—and its work has been featured in The New York Times, The Nation, The New Republic, and The Atlantic. Scalawag‘s young, diverse, Southern team has experience in presidential campaigns, top management consulting firms, civil rights law, academic research, nonprofit development and journalism across the South.

Key responsibilities:

  • Lead the process of building the state politics reporting team, with substantial support from Scalawag’s editor in chief and editorial board
  • Manage, collate and edit the work of four stringers and other freelancers
  • Partner with other organizations to co-report and/or co-publish reporting that falls under the scope of this initiative
  • Lead the team in thinking about the connections and complexities in Southern politics across state lines, and how these ought to be covered
  • Write for publication on Southern politics, its impact on particular communities, and its relevance in national conversation
  • Work closely with the editor in chief and editorial board to set the political reporting strategy for the magazine and contribute to the production of print issues

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have substantial experience as both an editor and a reporter
  • Live and work in the American South
  • Demonstrate an approach to journalism that centers marginalized and directly impacted communities
  • Have a passion for (and record of) interpreting policy and weaving compelling narratives that shape public discourse and catalyze civic engagement
  • Understand and love Scalawag’s mission.

Scalawag believes its team must be as diverse as the region it covers, and the magazine knows the South is home to folks of all kinds. Scalawag is committed to maximizing the diversity of its entire organization across all dimensions, and to making spaces and dialogues inclusive by engaging all those who can contribute to Scalawag’s mission.

Interested applicants: Send an email to this address by May 10 with a resume, brief statement of interest and two writing samples. The state politics editor position will require a commitment of roughly 10 hours per week and will be compensated with $8,000 for a one-year contract.

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