SOFLETE is looking to hire a Registered Dietitian (RD) or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). This position will work closely with our athletic coaches to create 7-9 diet plans for a wide range of athlete archetypes, ranging from high performance combat athletes to postpartum moms. Diet plans will include recipes for each meal, as well as a macronutrient breakdowns.SOFLETE will provide access to a Food Processor program such as ESHA for standardized calculations.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, other duties of this role will include live Q&A sessions on social media, as well as short articles/blog posts which address nutrition questions that are frequently received by the coaching staff. SOFLETE’s goal is to promote healthy diet plans which emphasize food quality, food sourcing and the value of cooking. In the future, you will also be working with SOFLETE’s soon-to-be-launched women’s specific brand.

This position is located in Durham, although there is plenty of flex time and the ability to work remote.


SOFLETE is a veteran-owned human performance company focused on supporting the combat athlete. Its roots are in the Special Operations community, and its products are designed to stand up to the rigorous standards of special operations specifications. SOFLETE’s main product lines are digital physical and firearms training programs, nutritional products and branded apparel. Training plans and products are available to anyone who is looking to boost their physical performance in the gym, on the battlefield, or in day to day life. This is reflected in SOFLETE’s broad customer base.

As a company, SOFLETE’s philosophy is rooted in the motto, “Die Living.” It is a results-driven organization that believes in pushing personal boundaries and constantly seeking to better its team. SOFLETE expects its employees to spend time in pursuit of personal interests and goals.

What SOFLETE Is Looking For:

You have a strong passion for teaching people about food, diet planning, nutrition and cooking. You are comfortable sharing and communicating that passion to anyone who will listen. You firmly believe in the importance of food quality, and enjoy cooking for and eating with friends. You enjoy cooking and writing new recipes, and ideally you also enjoy photography. Your social media feed is full of photos of you traveling, being adventurous, and of food you absolutely love. You are comfortable being on camera (social media Q&A) and enjoy writing about food and nutrition. You’re a strong written and oral communicator. You’re patient, humble, willing to teach, and are generally fun to be around. It’s important to you that the work you do is fulfilling and helps to make the world a better place.

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