This is a CEO position that will work in partnership with Scalawag‘s editor in chief to lead the organization. You will lead Scalawag’s business operations—continuing to build and oversee a team focused on sales, marketing, fulfillment, product management and fundraising—and work with the board of directors to plan and refine the magazine’s strategy as it begins a phase of aggressive growth. In the next two years, Scalawag expects to expand its subscriber base and audience to ensure it has a sustainable model driven by earned income. You’ll have the support of the Board to drive the expansion of Scalawag’s team and operations.

About Scalawag:

Scalawag is a media startup focused on the American South, pioneering a new model of nonprofit, mission-driven journalism. Based in Durham, North Carolina, the magazine is entering its third year as a print quarterly with additional online content. Scalawag amplifies voices of writers, artists and thinkers to reckon with the South—and its work has been featured in The New York Times, The Nation, The New Republic, and The Atlantic. Scalawag‘s young, diverse, Southern team has experience in presidential campaigns, top management consulting firms, civil rights law, academic research, nonprofit development and journalism across the South.

Key responsibilities:

  • Work with the board of directors, editor in chief, and team to set strategic priorities and vision
  • Lead, manage and recruit for the Scalawag business team
  • Manage financial planning, budgeting and record-keeping
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of all non-editorial work (including development, events, marketing and sales, social media and logistics)
  • Oversee marketing team focused on growing print and digital readership
  • Build institutional partnerships and work with team to execute public events
  • Represent Scalawag publicly—serving as an evangelist for Scalawag’s work and team
  • Lead Scalawag fundraising and development activities with the support of the board of directors

The ideal candidate is:

  • Committed to the American South and belief in journalism’s crucial role in political engagement
  • A self-directed leader focused on driving Scalawag and its team to success
  • A skilled fundraiser
  • A team-leader who has grown small organizations
  • Experienced in media and journalism, non-profit or startup management
  • Experienced with strategic planning, operations oversight, and relationship development and management

Scalawag believes its team must be as diverse as the region it covers, and the magazine knows the South is home to folks of all kinds. Scalawag is committed to maximizing the diversity of its entire organization across all dimensions, and to making spaces and dialogues inclusive by engaging all those who can contribute to Scalawag’s mission.

Interested applicants: Send an email to this address with a resume, brief statement of interest and a writing sample. Use the subject line “Application for Publisher.” This is a full-time position. Scalawag has a strong preference for candidates who are—or are willing to be—based in Durham, North Carolina. Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.

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