The UNC Chapel Hill School of Education (SOE) seeks an experienced professional to serve as the first Program Director of the Master of Arts in Educational Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (MEITE), at the rank of Clinical Assistant or Associate Professor.

The position requires a minimum of five years of leadership experience in the education sector in an innovative and entrepreneurial organization (nonprofit or for-profit), such as: an entrepreneurial venture, an educational technology company, a public or private school, informal educational institutions such as science centers and museums, or innovative educational program development, such as after school programs, summer programs, online programs, makerspaces, robotics, computer games and children’s programming environments.

This position is a unique opportunity to expand a newly developed program with vision and leadership. A key responsibility is to grow the program by increasing the number of applicants and the size of each entering class. This will involve raising the visibility and reputation of the program regionally and nationally.

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