CloudFactory is a growing organization that has clientele from many industries. If you join the company as product marketing manager, you will develop and be responsible for product positioning and messaging, and creating buyer personas for CloudFactory’s products.

You will help understand in granularity what problem CloudFactory is helping its customers solve and how it is adding value to them. Simultaneously, you will also learn about the space CloudFactory operates in and how other organizations position themselves. You will play an active role in creating product business plan and setting revenue targets which you will then contribute towards materializing.

You will work with the product management team in learning about the product road-map so that you can create and implement a marketing plan to support it. This also includes taking product details and translating them into “solution-level” messaging that resonates with customers. The company will rely on you to make ongoing recommendations so that marketing materials continue to meet the needs of its global customers and channels, and CloudFactory is creating material and templates in the most effective and efficient way.

The Fit:

One of the key components of this role is a superb verbal and written communication ability. You will be connecting with many internal and external stakeholders, so you have to be able to articulate your thoughts and ideas exquisitely well during these interactions and exchanges. You will also need to build a good working relationship with these stakeholders and bring everyone together towards a uniform goal. You are smart and can quickly build a working-level knowledge pertaining the technical aspects of CloudFactory’s products. Finally, if you prefer to work in a strategic thinking capacity in an environment that is fast-paced with shifting priorities and workloads, you will be at home in this position.

The Experience:

You will have four to six years of product marketing or similar experience. You will also have outstanding communication skills both in verbal and written forms which can be backed-up by your previous roles. You should be able to demonstrate knowledge of sales tools and their application into the buying cycle. If you have crafted complex sales opportunities and have experience with data analytics and predictive modeling, that will really make you stand out from the crowd.

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