The support team plays a pivotal role in Samanage’s mission, influencing how successful its customers are in using the company’s award-winning application.

The director of support has the ultimate responsibility for managing and revolutionizing Samanage’s global support team, options, packages and KPIs.

Here’s some more about what the job involves:

  • You will own Samanage’s support organization on a global perspective and ensure continued exceptional customer support.
  • You will manage a team of support professionals located all over the world.
  • You will continue building an exceptional team focused on supporting customers as Samanage transitions to a multi-product company.
  • You will design a staffing model for 24/7 support.
  • You will grow in your knowledge of customer support industry best practices and implement them across the organization.
  • You will create programs with different levels and packages for support options to better suit customers’ needs.
  • You will define metrics, refine what Samanage has in place and find areas for improvement to keep its unparalleled NPS.
  • You will train and mentor a team of awesome support team members.
  • You will grow in your knowledge of B2B software and support.
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