ServiceTrade is currently seeking a dev/ops engineer to take responsibility for its AWS infrastructure.

What ServiceTrade is looking for:

ServiceTrade needs a skilled dev/ops engineer to help scale an application that currently supports 5+ million requests per day and is growing at a rate of 100%+/year. In this position, you’ll be ultimately responsible for keeping the application stack healthy and scaling it to match ServiceTrade’s growth. You’ll also get to contribute feature code to the application.

Success in this position means that ServiceTrade’s customers are happy because they are enjoying a performant, stable application, and the software development team is happy because they can focus on feature development instead of firefighting.

You should be creative, detail-oriented, self-directed, fast-thinking and fast-working. You’ll report directly to the CTO and will work daily with the software development team.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Uptime, performance, security and stability of ServiceTrade’s applications, including:
    • Amazon Web Services infrastructure management
    • EC2 LAMP stack application server administration, monitoring and tuning
    • RDS (MySQL) server administration, monitoring and tuning
  • Leading horizontal and vertical scaling efforts, including database sharding, multi-region AWS deployments, and migration of services to AWS Lambda/serverless architectures
  • Owning and managing CI/build/deploy processes in a rapid-deployment/zero-downtime environment
  • Owning application configuration/environment and database schema change management
  • Managing AWS and related operational infrastructure costs
  • Participating as member of the software development team and contributing to the application codebases

You’ll need:

  • Web application infrastructure experience, with AWS experience, very strongly preferred
  • Prior experience with horizontal scaling of web application infrastructure
  • MySQL database administration
  • Linux system administration
  • Jenkins or similar CI/automation tools
  • Puppet or similar system automation tools
  • Unit, integration, and load testing tools
  • AWS Cloudwatch, Papertrail, Datadog, or related logging/monitoring tools
  • Web application development experience, with PHP and Javascript framework experience, strongly preferred
  • Experience working in an Agile development environment strongly preferred
  • Experience with AWS Lambda or other serverless environments is a plus
  • Experience with Docker is a plus

This position reports directly to the chief technology officer.

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