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It took years of meticulous organizing, thoughtful strategy and a year-long beta to bring Dropsource‘s mobile app development tool to launch. Once it had established a recognized brand among mobile

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper opened this week’s CED Tech Venture Conference with a flashback to his adolescence in rural Nash County, to a moment where he blocked a shot

As he opened the annual CED Tech Venture Conference this afternoon, investor and Carbon co-founder Steve Nelson wasn’t shy about revealing the magnitude of his noteworthy stage partner. It was

Back in January, PRSONAS CEO David Rose told us his plan for 2017 was to focus on product development and fundraising. And he’s so far living up to that commitment.

A Brooklyn and San Francisco agency that made its debut early in the mobile app technology era, is establishing a fresh operation in Durham’s American Underground. The company is Prolific

Corporations are starting to get that tech skills are fundamental regardless of an employee’s job title, providing a new customer base and revenue stream for the growing community of code

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with the notion of “disruption,” a sort of badge rightfully earned when someone introduces new solutions to previously unmet needs. Politicians are increasingly trying to do the

We’re keeping an eye on cool career opportunities in the Triangle’s startup community, and publishing them every so often on ExitEvent. To submit an opening, visit our jobs page and

As disgruntled employees share stories of mistreatment at work based on gender, race or politics, workplace tensions and company reputations are increasingly being hashed out on a public scale. The

The rap and startup scenes in Durham have a way of aligning so as to complement one another. And while each carry their own sets of required savvy and skill,

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