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Since my first article for ExitEvent in May 2014 analyzed North Carolina’s entrepreneurial community through a data lens, it felt fitting that my last piece would do the same. And

In describing his vision for Validic, CEO Drew Schiller quotes the famous UX designer Jared Spool, “Good design, when done well, is invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that

“I was blown away by the folks in the room who looked like me,” says Bernard Worthy, on his thoughts after attending events at last year’s Google for Entrepreneurs (GFE)

Techstars founder David Cohen covered a range of topics during his fireside chat at this week’s CED Tech Venture Conference, from how he enticed storied venture capitalist Brad Feld to

Kirsten Barber contributed. The young men and women profiled below give a new definition to extracurricular activity. Instead of—or in some cases, addition to—the typical clubs and sports, these North

After two years of quiet but steady expansion, the startup once known as Personalized Learning Games is expanding to a giant new market—China. The move ensures that in just a

Many forces have combined to make opioid addiction a national epidemic. But a primary one is the increased distribution and use of opioids as treatment for short term and chronic

Sepsis, bodily shock and trauma from extreme injuries like car accidents or gunshot wounds are medical conditions with an unfortunate similarity. They’re all deadly. But a Durham startup called 410

NC IDEA announces six North Carolina startups as spring grant winners and recipients of a collective $300,000. This story is part of a series of profiles on the winners. As

While driving home to Raleigh after meeting with a client in Greenville in late April, North Carolina, Tommy Bohrmann, co-founder of Roundtable Analytics, did what many people do at the

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