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My willingness to fail gives me the ability to succeed. — Vinod Khosla  Chris, Dave and Lizzy of The Startup Factory have each been an integral part of my startup and of many that

North Carolina recently passed the controversial HB2 in a special session with little time for debate or discussion. Amongst other things, the bill imposes a statewide “non-discrimination” policy that does

This piece was originally published on Medium. How do we disentangle the things that look or feel successful from those that actually make us successful?  I read a book several years

This piece was originally published on Medium. The caption with the photo above stated “Tempus fugit”, which in Latin means “Time flies.” Paul Graham is one of my favorite writers. I believe

This blog post originally appeared on Medium. tl;dr: Most companies are at war. Find your allies and fight the good fight  In The Hard Thing About Hard Things and elsewhere, Ben

tl;dr Consciously identify your own success with that of those around you.  Progress down the path towards excellence means being surrounded by the success of others. This can induce natural

There are so many interesting things going on in education in our area. On August 7, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is sending its developer and educator Ben Nuttall to NC

Regardless of what you think about the rise, fall, and (perhaps) resurrection of messaging app Yo, its story illustrates something very clearly—technology companies make experiences, not products. There’s important insight

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Elliott Hauser is CEO of Trinket, an education technology startup in Durham helping instructors and teachers get their course materials online. As a CEO, the three things you must do

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