Industrious made a big bet on Raleigh when the New York-headquartered chain of co-working spaces opened up on Fayetteville Street late in 2015.

Besides Regus, it was the first national brand of shared workspaces to enter the market. Local companies had really introduced the concept of co-working to the region, and they’d built quite a following with wait lists at both American Underground and HQ Raleigh for most of their existence.

And so it wasn’t a huge surprise that Industrious drew 188 members working for 50 different companies in its first year of existence. The demand was so great, that earlier this year, it added 12,000 square feet of mostly private offices. Now at 32,000 square feet on two floors (connected by an internal stairwell), there are 123 offices, a dedicated co-working space and a larger common area for events and networking.

According to community manager Melissa Sayre, who left a special events role in the hospitality industry to join the company last year, demand was greatest for small offices and dedicated co-working desks. Up to 30 percent of members work for national enterprises—one example is Mapp Digital, which employs 25 people, but many have just one or two employees in a town.

Industrious is a bit more upscale than other spaces in Raleigh, and its draw more broad than small and growing startup teams. Monthly co-working costs $350 and office spaces range from $735 to $4150 depending on the number of desks (topping at 9).

The list of perks includes fresh lucettegrace pastries and bagels available daily, along with fresh fruit, snacks and drinks. Member events range from ice skating and a hot chocolate bar during the winter months to Bloody Mary happy hours and parfait bars. For members who travel frequently, there’s access to 11 other Industrious locations today, but up to 27 in coming years as the company continues its venture capital-backed expansion.

As the space grows to serve even more workers, Sayre views her role as an extension of her background in hospitality.

“We want to provide a great experience for everyone while at work,” she says. “Whether you’re on a 25-person team or a one-man show, we want to have a space that you can be proud of.”

Check out pictures of Industrious below: