Who says learning can’t be fun? That’s the thought of the team members behind the education startup SkillPop

Originating in Charlotte in September 2015, SkillPop offers classes for anyone who wants to learn something new, whether it be developing a professional skill for work (like blogging or social media) or exploring a creative avenue they’ve never tried before (like cookie decorating or calligraphy). SkillPop is a continuing education business that strives to pull people in a community together to learn outside of a digital environment. 
Founder Haley Bohon saw the need for a community-centric education movement when she started fresh in a new city. In today’s digital society it is hard to meet new people and make friends. There is something about learning and participating with a group that resonated with Bohon. 
“Learning has trended online, but sometimes that is not how you learn best,” Bohon says. “You get a social aspect that drops off when you aren’t in a classroom setting. Group fitness classes like yoga are popular, but they are expensive, and are not always what people are looking for.” 
Participating with venues around the two cities has strengthened SkillPop’s relationship with local business owners and has introduced learners to new places in their cities that they may have never known about. 
With the overwhelmingly positive acceptance of SkillPop with their Raleigh expansion—around 80% of courses offered have sold out—the company plans to solidify its presence in these two major North Carolina cities before mapping out future plans. 
“At first, we didn’t have a big, grand vision,” Bohon laughs. “I just wanted to put it out there because it resonated with me. [SkillPop] has exceeded expectations, so we are going to press pause after this expansion and have a reflecting period.” 
Whether you come with a friend, colleague or by yourself, Bohon and her team will welcome you to the class with a smile and encourage you to dive head first into learning something new. You never know, you may discover a new passion.

Kirsten Barber

Kirsten Barber is a Raleigh native who studied English at North Carolina State University. She enjoys learning about new trends in the Triangle area and meeting new people in the process, but in her opinion, nothing beats the thrill of getting lost in a good book. Kirsten believes in the power of a good story, and loves entertaining an audience through the written word. In her free time you can find her exploring the outdoors with her husband, honing her photography skills, trying a new Pinterest recipe, or, of course, reading.