Recruiting, investing, training and test prep are more effective thanks to the software created by these four American Underground startups. Their founders pitched the businesses earlier this year at the startup campus’s weekly “HelpFest” event and fielded questions from their peers. Learn more in the videos below:

Trill Financial

This financial technology startup was founded by a group of developers who’ve all done algorithmic stock trading and made money doing it. Now they are making the artificial intelligence used by top tier investment firms to get 20 to 40 percent annualized returns available to average financial advisors and eventually to consumers.   
They mine data from websites, news articles and SEC corporate filings and combine it with global macro data to fuel a deep learning engine that analyzes stocks and makes recommendations for investors. B2B is the focus today, but Trill hopes to launch a consumer version and eventually, start its own fund. Watch this pitch by co-founder Akash Ganapathi for more:

Laura Baverman

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