On Tuesday March 22nd, NC RIoT held RIoT IX at the Raleigh Convention Center. 

For the uninitiated, NC RIoT stands for North Carolina Regional Internet of Things. While the acronym is a bit of a mouthful, the goal of the seminar is fairly simple. Many of our devices are connected to the Internet. Many of these devices collect data and metrics. How do we get these myriad devices to communicate, collaborate and make our lives easier or our endeavors more fruitful? Specifically, how to we create and cultivate the IoT industry in NC? 

The event was hosted by NXP, the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina, VisitRaleigh (who provided the much appreciated beer and wine), and many othersThe meetup, tacked onto the annual Data 4 Decisions conference, was attended by over 300 RIoT-ers, consisting of thought leaders, industry members and entrepreneurs. 


As stated previously, the company had strong footing in both the analytic and industrial sectors of IoT. Judges Brian Handly of Reveal Mobile, Daniel Chu of Verizon Ventures, Eva Doss and Robert Creeden, former head of Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, took just about five minutes to reach their decision. Your writer barely had time to grab his last beer of the event before walking back in to hear the decision. The company vision was clear, its niche untapped and the device and solutions suite simple and useful. 
Despite donning a weightlifting belt worn backwards and adorned with some bedazzling and cardboard, Rothwell looked elated. And why not? Four industry leaders in IoT chose him out of five incredible competitors. The company already has deliverable products, and this most recent win is yet another vote of confidence in his vision. The industry is young and evolving constantly alongside the capabilities of sensor technologies and analytics, and his product is in an incredible and profitable place. 
The event was “low-key” but large. As much as I hate that phrase, the room was hot and and the beer was free. If you’ve been to a few late afternoon seminars, you understand the mood. The difference between those seminars and this one was the quality of the ideas presented. 
I’m writing this in a bar with wifi while checking my MyFitnessPal dashboard on my laptop. I’m adding drink-based calories into MFP that are offset by exercise-based calorie negations calculated by the accelerometer in my phone through the iHealth platform. Whether you notice or not, IoT and connected devices are creeping into our everyday lives, and the businesses injecting themselves in the industry into this early adoption phase are the ones that are going to survive. 
The Internet of Things is here to stay, and so it seems, is NC RIoT.

Jon Mareane

Jon is a young data scientist exploring the food, drink and startup scene of the South. Interests include talking about why True Detective season 1 is the best TV series ever, happy hours and double cheese pizza.