At ExitEvent, we want you up on all the topics trending and news happening in the Triangle, so here’s a feature we run after each month ends recapping the most popular 10 stories on our site. They’re ranked below based on page views. 

November proved big for real estate moves and visits (and insights) from national investors. We also profiled a couple of EdTech startups with unique offerings for kids and teens, and huge market opportunity. And our top story was all about DURM. 

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Runaway Clothes will open its flagship store next year, but it’s only the beginning of the ambitions for the urban streetwear company that has linked its brand to its hometown of Durham.
A national chain of coworking spaces has opened up in Raleigh’s newest class A office building, with a mission of being as hospitable and welcoming as possible. 
Fresh off its $11 million fund-raise, the product management software startup will quadruple its size in renovated space in the Warehouse District. We talk to the developer who cast a vision for a Raleigh technology hub back in 2000.  
They’re tackling big problems and making our lives a bit better, all with training and leadership skills from one of the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Check out this list of up-and-coming software, hardware and consumer product startups with vets at the helm. 
Algorithms developed at MIT along with human coaches are the secret behind Testive, a test prep startup proving to boost SAT and ACT scores by dozens of points. Its CEO is based in Durham, and a bunch of local investors are bullish on the business. 
In another sign that the Triangle is starting to play with the big guns, a fast-growing angel network with roots in the nation’s capitol has chosen our region for its next angel network expansion. It will recruit ~100 young angels in town in prep for an April 2016 launch.
Investors from North Bridge Growth Equity, Greycroft Partners and Comcast Ventures all flew to town to participate in this year’s Internet Summit, sharing the metrics that led to investments in these fast-growing local startups, as well as the rest of their portfolios. 
A trio of venture capitalists who funded a fast-growing hair extension startup headlined October’s Black Wall Street Homecoming event in Durham, inspiring entrepreneurs to think about business opportunities targeting growing ethic groups.
A Chapel Hill startup dedicated to teaching kids technology and design skills has blown past every goal set since launch in 2010, and without taking any outside funding. Now with 70,000 kids trained by its instructors and online curriculum, Youth Digital is making key hires to continue the fast growth. 

A new manufacturing and distribution partnership is helping the Durham maker of the ELF pedal, solar and electric vehicle finally catch up to all the demand. Meanwhile, a customer makes a long-awaited historic journey around the U.S. in an ELF.

A Duke University-born, Durham-built startup is realizing a dream to change the way kids with ADHD are treated, with early props from physicians.