Smashing Boxes, a web and mobile designer and developer, launched in Durham when the city’s startup community was in its infancy. 

CEO Nick Jordan calls the decision good timing, and says “the help of other leaders who are investing tons of resources into Durham, it’s really come together and become a vibrant place. It’s become such a rich environment to be our home.” 
As the Bull City continues to thrive, Smashing Boxes grows with it, and now the company is taking its growth to the next level by opening another office in New Orleans. 

Building in the Bull City 

Jordan moved to Durham in order to find the right work-life balance, and two years later, he and partner Brian Fischer realized they could put their skills to use by creating an agency that would help startups create websites and apps. The idea stuck. 
Six months into their project, Jordan and Fischer were told about a new startup workspace called the American Underground. It was not long after they opened their offices that Durham’s startup scene began to explode. As Smashing Boxes began its trajectory of rapid growth, Jordan and his team realized how critical it was for them to help build and give back to their community. 
After receiving incentives from the Louisiana Economic Development program, the company is already establishing big goals for its New Orleans’ branch, such as the creation of 85 new jobs over the next five years. 
Even though more expansion is top of mind, Smashing Boxes is most focused on building and maintaining its company culture despite the nearly 900 miles separating its two offices. Proving once again the one thing that will never change is the company’s devotion to the area it is in, be it Durham or New Orleans. 
“One way we think about it is that we’re a service company and we’re a service provider, and we see the community as an extension of that and as something that we also serve,” McNab says. “It’s something that’s very important to us within our values—to share the knowledge that we have to grow the community and help others build their careers in technology.”