I’ve seen change. Years ago, departments were sectioned off floor-by-floor. As industries changed, so did the way businesses operated. Today, we all, in some capacity, interact in a relatively flat organization (whether inside a department or a larger enterprise). Yet, this only solved part of the problem. 

There’s still a lack of collaboration between divisions that are related within companies. These divisions build heavily on one another, and most of the time, companies don’t even know these divisions truly are related. 
At Adena Studios, the team and I work on breaking down the walls between marketing and design. These two facets of business are interdependent yet almost always siloed. They don’t just happen in light of each other; they don’t just talk with each other; they are inexorably interwoven. 
We’re pushing a new paradigm shift. 
Design and marketing together are critical to making meaningful ripples in every industry. 
I’m going to go ahead and clear something up right now: design and marketing are big words. They’re ambiguous, filler words that are oftentimes total bullshit. So here we go. Write this down: 
Design is a method of problem-solving where art is layered on top of science. Art is meant to be beautiful and carry a message. Science exists to explain fact and solve problems. Separate, they do their jobs and are not meant to be in place of one another. Together, they create a totally new idea called “design.” This is solving a problem in a beautiful and human way rather than a utilitarian, functional way. The better something is designed, the less apparent design really is. Less is more, so take away from it until you cry. 
Marketing is taking a killer product that’s designed well and effectively getting it into the hands and minds of people. It involves storytelling, building a company that’s more “person” than corporate, and being part of humanity. Whether people realize it or not, they want to make meaningful connections. 
Design is at the core of functionality. Marketing is at the core of commerce. Functionality and commerce, together, are the foundation of any business and thus should be thought of as one cohesive unit. 
The companies that I’ve worked with usually have a great idea, but without design and marketing, they rarely go anywhere. This is because the focus is, “How do I make my product better and make money?” rather than, “Does my product and company make a connection with people and, in an honest and simple way, make their lives easier or more enjoyable?” 
Adena has been in business for over 10 years and we have spent a ton of time studying and perfecting our craft. The combination of design and marketing is not something a business can master overnight; it is a practice that has to be honed. 
The worst thing we could do is let our experience and findings in these subjects go to waste while companies wrestle with them. This is why we’re hosting a Lunch & Learn on October 29th, covering exactly this. We’ll spend an hour diving into this new frontier. So bring your lunch and join the movement. 
Spots are limited, so sign up today.