The Triangle and the state of North Carolina is a powder keg of potential in the booming Internet of Things space. To light this fuse, we must support and promote existing companies, bridge together the separate islands of IoT innovation and help new companies get started. 

Regarding the last point, NC RIoT hosts our first statewide IoT Hackathon from October 2-4. Over 100 people will gather at the Monteith Research Center on NC State’s Centennial Campus to take IoT concepts from idea to reality. NC RIoT’s mission is to formalize our area as a global hub for IoT innovation, and fostering new ideas and innovation plays a key role in that mission. 
This hackathon grew organically from our 1,000+ person community of IoT professionals, academics, government officials, entrepreneurs and makers. They asked for the event, and our member companies stepped up to make the IoT Hackathon a reality. Bright Wolf, Device Solutions, STMicroelectronics, Reveal Mobile, Groundwork Labs, NC State’s ASSIST Center, Smashing Boxes and the Wireless Research Center will all chip in. 
Taking a page from Startup Weekends, anyone attending can present their idea, and why their idea is worth pursuing, to the audience. Attendees select the best ideas, form teams and go build. Those with the winning ideas land a coveted spot in an IoT-focused accelerator, led by Groundwork Labs. Stick with the program and the winners may find themselves presenting to investors in 2016, ready to make the leap from prototype to company. 
Whether you’re a college student, engineer, marketer, entrepreneur or intrapreneur at a large company, this event is open to all. What makes it unique and open is that it’s “de-risked” and simple. Rather than spending time choosing and configuring the correct hardware / software combo and then integrating the two, we provide the IoT hackers with a ready-made kit. Tap into pre-configured sensors and start hacking immediately. On-hand mentors help troubleshoot not only technical challenges, but also marketing and customer research issues. 
Ready to finally turn that idea into a product? Eager to work on breakout technologies with our area’s best IoT thought-leaders? Does the thought of building a go-to-market strategy for an innovative product get you excited? Yes, yes and yes. 
Join us for the IoT Hackathon the first weekend in October. More info and registration at