North Carolina has historically been a state that has kept a tight hold on the service and sale of spirits, but impending legislation is set to loosen the cap on existing restrictions. 

Rim & Gabe Vilgalys, alongside Jason Parker, began Brothers Vilgalys in 2012 with the release of their Krupnikas—a sweet and smooth spiced spirit made with locally sourced ingredients. They operate out of a small warehouse on the outskirts of downtown Durham where they mix and age their own special brand of liquor. 
Krupnikas is a Lithuanian styled liquor brewed with honey and 12 different spices to give it its unique taste. Originally brewed by the brothers as a tasty drink to make for their friends as well as pay homage to their heritage, it eventually evolved into the business the brothers and Parker now run today. Bottles can be found at local ABC stores for $29.95, and drinks at establishments like Mateo and Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham and The Foundation Bar in Raleigh. 
Well Rim, let’s raise a glass and drink to finding new and fun reasons to hang out in downtown Durham. 
Check with your local distilleries for more info on the law and festivities surrounding direct sales on October 1st. Many are having tours and celebrations, including the Brothers Vilgalys, so book your spot soon.

*A previous version of this story incorrectly named one of the Vilgalys brothers Glen. His name is Gabe.