Update: RainbowMe closed a successful Indiegogo campaign on October 30, 2015, raising $35,322. Here’s the link and video: 
And although Graves-Manns is the official EIR, Johnson has assisted with many of the diversity initiatives he’s spearheaded thus far—like Black Girls Code and Triangle Startup Weekend Trailblazers. She also joined Graves-Manns in the Valley for the CODE2040 retreat in May. 
Up next, the team will continue to improve the RainbowMe platform and release a new version early next year. On August 3rd, the team launches a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Their goal is to raise $100,000 for new programs and platform development. They’re also still accepting friend, family and angel investments. 
The team will use traditional advertisement channels (web, newspapers, radio, etc.) to broadcast the site’s formal launch in April 2016. They’ve also formed relationships with 60 daycares and schools in Greensboro and Durham to disseminate the content once its live—that number will continue to grow. 
Tackling an issue like the disparity of opportunities between races is a monumental task. But with the RainbowMe team’s expertise, experience and commitment, Johnson is determined to broaden the next generation’s perspective on diversity and opportunity.