My name is Justin. I am a startup founder spending one month in Silicon Valley fundraising. I am proud to call NC home. 

I’m documenting this journey to share my experiences with other founders considering making the trek for the first time. Thanks for tagging along! 

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Highway 5 heading north from LA to SF is a long, lonely road passing through rolling terrain in the baking California sun. Let’s just say, it’s not the optimal place to run out of gas. 
Things are moving along nicely. I’m having several follow-up meetings with investors and have scored three new clients in the past few weeks. I am so blessed to have an amazing wife and family, a kick ass co-founder and so much support from the NC startup community and the readers of this series. Even still, fundraising for your company is a long and sometimes lonely road. But every now and again, you get lucky and find an angel when you least expect it. 
Thank you, Pastor. 
Beard out.