We were huddled around a large, projected image of Tim Cook. In true Apple fashion, there was one more thing Tim wanted us all to know… They’re building a watch. It’s personal. It’s sleek. And we’ll all have to wait a year to get it. 
We could have listened. Waited a year to start building CRNT for the Watch. But that wouldn’t be in true Smashing Boxes fashion. 

Here’s the back story. 

I’m a lifelong surfer and designer. 
My biggest frustration when surfing is finding the current surf conditions at my favorite spots. I’d call up friends or scan multiple websites. When Smashing Boxes announced “Labs”—off-the-clock time dedicated to exploring creative side projects—I saw an opportunity to bring my idea to life. 
We started by building CRNT (short for current) for iPhone and Android. Then Apple did its thing: announcing another product that would change the way people experience life. 

There’s a lot we still don’t know. 

Building for the Watch before the Watch was released was a process riddled with guessing and questioning. We don’t know what this is yet or how users will react—both to the Watch and to CRNT. 
Ultimately, just as Apple will have much to learn from the initial release of the Watch, app creators like us will also face multiple iterations to get it right. Playing with our app on the Watch after release is likely to be a humbling experience. We’ve created a buzzworthy app for a product we’ve never touched. So far, CRNT has been featured in MashableWearable and Creative Bloq
Yet amidst all of the unknowns, one thing is certain: the Watch is about simplicity. To be successful, you have to focus, refine and prioritize what really matters. 
Download CRNT on Android, iOS, and the Apple Watch by the end of the month.