A highlight of K4Connect co-founder Scott Moody’s startup career was the day he and his family rang the NASDAQ bell on Wall Street. The Florida company he’d spent nearly a decade building had filed a public offering, a dream come true for any entrepreneur.

A second highlight came years later—after Apple acquired AuthenTec and integrated its TouchID into its mobile and tablet devices, after he moved his family back to Raleigh, where he attended college, and after he tried his hand at angel investing. It was on a journey to Africa that he became inspired again to start a company.
The ducks fell in a row, so to speak, after that trip. Moody met Jonathan Gould, a local expert in home automation with a vision for a device that offered control over lights, electronics and systems in the home like no other. It would be simple for a homeowner to use but able to integrate with hundreds of smart products already in existence and the many yet-to-be-developed. 
Moody became enamored with the opportunity to enter the burgeoning Internet of Things industry and thought he could supplement Gould’s tech prowess with his backgrounds in intellectual property (His team secured 230 patents at AuthenTec), team-building (He managed over 300 people.) and capital raising (AuthenTec raised $70 million).
After nearly a year of product development, they’ll soon launch their first product called K4Life, targeting the aging and disabled populations (and their caretakers). And so we thought the timing was perfect to sit down with Moody to hear about the product’s development, plans to tackle a highly fragmented and non-technical audience, bootstrapping and future funding goals and thoughts on the Internet of Things. 
He also shares some cool stories about AuthenTec, and how he’s applying lessons learned there with the team of nine at K4. (One key lesson is detailed here.)
Check out our latest Founders Series interview with K4Connect co-founder and CEO, Scott Moody: