Four years since moving to the Triangle, Jan Davis is one of the most connected people in the startup community. She regularly lends her experience as a serial entre (and intra)preneur in the direct marketing and software industries to aspiring and new entrepreneurs. She also sits on the boards of several startups locally and in her former town of Chicago. She’s one of just a handful of active female angel investors in our region, joining Triangle Angel Partners (TAP) when it started in 2010. She’s now president of the group.

Davis sat down with me recently to share her background in startups and insight into TAP’s activities and investments. She also gives some compelling advice on marketing (An area in which she says Triangle startups desperately need to improve) and fundraising. And she has special guidance for female founders with families and companies, having done it all herself and advised plenty of women in similar situations. Enjoy this 34-minute interview, and pay special attention to the startups Davis and TAP are watching in 2015.