Ever wonder who makes the major decisions at a top news corporation? You aren’t the only one. 

More than 300 students and faculty attended Monday’s Nelson-Benton Lecture Series and Carolina Seminar on Business Journalism and Public Policy to hear Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Editor-in-Chief Gerard Baker talk about the history and future of business journalism. The Wall Street Journal is celebrating its 125th year of publication.
Student journalist Andy Willard and I were chosen as panelists and were joined by Daniel Gitterman, UNC’s Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Chair in Public Policy. I got the chance to ask Baker how mobile apps are affecting the evolution of technology and the web. 
UNC J-school Dean Susan King kicked off the day with a one-on-on interview with Baker about the Journal’s history, its investigative newsiness, controversial owner Rupert Murdoch and its bold move in 1996 to charge readers for digital access.