Pierre Naudé envisions a 2018 when bank employees around the world—from teller to president—log into nCino every morning instead of email. 

They’ll use the Wilmington-based cloud software platform to view daily tasks, manage the accounts of consumers and businesses, deposit cash and arrange cash pickups, process loans and manage treasury. For commercial customers, ordering a banker (or a cash pickup, for retail-oriented businesses) will be as easy as requesting an Uber ride, Naudé says. Bankers can focus on relationships and customer service, rather than the mundane, time and paper-heavy tasks of today. 
His big goal is to reduce the number of times anyone visits a bank branch to 0. The impact on the banking industry, he says, will be like the iPod to CD players in the early 2000s.
“Banking is transformed into a manufacturing plant with employees assigned tasks each day and measured on quality, velocity and service,” says Naudé, the CEO of the fast-growing firm. 
For the investors in nCino, that could mean a payday. Naudé expects 2018 to be the year his company hits $50 million or more in revenue and considers an IPO.