At ExitEvent, we want you up on all the topics trending and news happening in the Triangle, so here’s a feature we run after each month ends recapping the most popular 10 stories and posts on our site. They’re ranked below based on page views.

No. 1 went viral on Reddit last week and got developers around the world fired up about hiring practices. Readers were also pretty interested in new initiatives by and for female entrepreneurs, and August’s national-in-scope bitcoin conference.

We had a couple intriguing commentaries on the state of venture capital in our region. And everyone loves a good Ice Bucket Challenge – or 10 of them. So click on through our top 10 and enjoy some of last month’s excitement!

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1. Software Talent Isn’t That Hard to Find

2. Why We Need Triangle Startup Weekend: Women

3. Inside Durham’s Iron Yard Academy

4. N.C. Fares Poorly in Recent Venture Capital Data, But Does it Really Matter?

5. Live Updates from Cryptolina

6. A Call to N.C. Startup Communities: Stop Leading with Weakness

7. How Alpine Hammock Overcame a Threatening Patent Dispute

8. Cryptolina: Previewing the Region’s First Major Bitcoin Event

9. Psychologist Turned Gaming Guru Combats Kids Social Issues with Games

10. The Ice Bucket Challenge: Triangle Startups Edition

11. How to Win the NC IDEA Grant. Tip 1: Seek Advice (Included because the deadline is THIS Friday, September 5, at midnight!)