The Startup Factory has been fruitful for Hostel Rocket, which landed a major deal that at its July 1 launch will fill the search and booking site with more hostel inventory than any other site online.

The founders planned to launch the site March 31, but they used three months at the Durham accelerator to fine-tune their business model, bring on important partners, market and grow their social media influence and get the site optimized for any device. They also brought on a technology co-founder.

Check out the pitch video for Hostel Rocket’s full business and launch plan, and a pretty cool recap of the traction so far. And below the video, see our before and after-TSF take on Hostel Rocket.

The back story
Husband and wife Michelle and Guy McBryde met in Las Vegas and found common ground through their passion for traveling and bunking in hostels. They previously owned a hostel in Yosemite, California before moving to Durham.

The pre-TSF plan
Their goal was to fill the gap in the hostel online booking market with their brain child, Hostel Rocket. They hoped the site would be the go-to site for travelers, and have the most hostel inventory. The couple, along with co-founder Don Mullen (pictured left) planned to make money by selling hostel management software to operators and charging online booking fees. When they joined the Startup Factory, ExitEvent told their full story here.

How TSF helped
Over the past three months, they created strong relationships with many online travel agencies and entered into contracts that ensure they’ll be a premiere site for hostel bookings. One of those is an online booking site that controls 45% of the market worldwide. Hostel Rocket also launched a Space Race game and contest with high-profile sponsors like GoPro, helping to build up its media influence to over 124,000 users across numerous social media platforms.

What’s next
Hostel Rocket is prepared for blast off. They are set to launch via web and mobile July 1st and are expecting a good response from their solid media base.