Curagami entered The Startup Factory with the name Crowdfunde and a fuzzy plan to help e-commerce companies host crowdfunding campaigns within their websites as marketing campaigns.

The vision has morphed since then into a software platform that curates relevant and trending conversations and content from around the web to help guide an e-commerce company’s marketing strategy and drive sales.

Curagami spent three months at the Durham accelerator, and last week pitched the business to a room full of investors, advisors, fellow and past TSF graduates. ExitEvent was there recording the pitches and has/will be publishing them over recent and coming days.

Here’s the second of those videos, and please read below for our before-and-after overview of Curagami.

The back story
Marty Smith isn’t your average Joe. He started as an M&M/Mars salesman, then operated and managed a company selling magnetic poetry kits online (if you didn’t have these on your refrigerator as a child, you are deprived), and then ran the e-commerce sites for sex product company Adam & Eve and its nonprofit Sinclair Institute until 2009. Fast forward—Smith was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia around that time. This disease prompted him to found CureCancerStarter in 2013, a crowdfunding campaign site to help raise money for cancer research. Insights from that project led to a company previously called Crowdfunde and a partnership with long-time co-worker Phil Buckley.

Our original story here.

The pre-TSF plan
Smith’s goals for the past three months were to create a successful beta test with high-end audio equipment e-tailer Moon Audio in Cary, and to launch a platform that used crowdfunding campaigns as content marketing tactics to drive traffic and sales to e-commerce companies.

How TSF helped
Crowdfunde changed its name to Curagami to reflect the many types of content (including crowd funding campaigns) its software would curate from across the web to help e-commerce companies more effectively market and sell to their customers.

What’s next
Curagami will launch the software with two beta customers next week and plans to bring on 10 more customers after launch.