In 2013, Colgan won a big-wig co-founder and investor in former Research In Motion Vice President of Software Mike Doub. Cellbreaker also completed Groundwork Labs and remains a member of CED’s Venture Mentoring Service, both programs he calls ‘pivotal.’

With the NC IDEA funds, he and Doub will recruit a third developer co-founder and hire additional developers and designers. The current Cellbreaker product is an MVP—there’s work to be done to get it ready for market. They’ll launch the platform later this year with a simple pricing model—customers only pay once Cellbreaker saves them money, and the rate is 25 percent of the early termination fee saved.

“The biggest thing going for us is people get really excited about the notion that you can beat contracts,” Colgan says. “The next iteration is doing it in an easy and intuitive way.”