Update: SnapYeti failed to take home $2,500 in today’s PARADOXOS talent show. The grand prize went to Josh Mills, studio director of Relevant Games. Here’s his first-prize winning, crowd-pleasing dance ensemble.

Some entrepreneurs couch surf and eat ramen noodles to make ends meet. Others enter talent competitions, and with talents acquired quite literally overnight.

Those who know Justin Beard of SnapYeti won’t be too surprised to see him compete in the startup talent show kicking off the PARADOXOS Festival today. He’s the guy who makes videos of himself wearing a Yeti costume to promote his photo contest tool for brands.

But this time, Beard’s antics will pay off in more than public relations. If he wins the $2,500 at stake in the competition, he’ll finally have the money to put a new engine in his broken-down truck.

Beard has spent the last month and a half hitching rides with his fiance and friends. He didn’t want to spend the money to fix the truck when he’s trying to raise $300,000 from investors to grow his business. Here’s the video he created to promote today’s performance.

Though Beard hasn’t yet secured the funds, his quirky marketing tactics seem to be working. He launched 23 new photo contests in the month of March alone, including one with Target. He acquired more than 7,000 new users during the month to grow the SnapYeti userbase to more than 26,500 people. The site launched in September 2013.

So what’s Beard’s mysterious talent?

A Guiness World Record for number of balloons popped with his butt in 30 seconds or less. If he pops more than 34 balloons, he’ll take the reins from an adolescent British kid who earned the recognition last December. Beard is allowed two helpers to accomplish the feat. He’s got work to do…after several practices, he’s popped 27.

But Beard is pretty confident he’ll win the Record and the $2,500 prize, and perhaps he’ll get some good PR too.

After all, “It’s not every day the Yeti breaks a world record,” he says.