#1: How Spreedly Raised $300K in 10 Days on AngelList

Back in March, I sat down for a beer with Spreedly’s CEO Justin Benson and wrote Durham-Based Spreedly Raises Round, Pivots to Core Product (#15 in 2013). But that conversation was so much more than what you saw in the article — which I attribute to a combination of Spreedly’s mission being a bit hard to wrap your brain around and one too many beers. Something was happening there, I just couldn’t figure out how to get the words right at the time. Not three months later, they were one of the first non-Silicon Valley companies to raise a seed round directly via AngelList.

So that was your 2013. It wasn’t blockbuster investment rounds or Hollywood-type hoodie-founders or anything to do with politics, insider gossip, or isms. It was real stories about startups and startup trends that resonated with you the most, which made 2013 my favorite year in startup so far.