Elliott Hauser
The fund itself can be kind of a record of our collective success. It remains to be seen whether it will become the cause of choice for our entrepreneurs but whatever form it takes, I think we’ll look back on this formative time and see that by getting together and thinking about what kind of community we really wanted, we were able to build it.

This brings me back to something I’ve heard many entrepreneurs say: “focus on building the best business you can- the rest will fall into place”. That’s exactly right, and the 1% pledge makes it official. All the hard work we’re doing as a community really will come back to benefit our region tangibly.

So, my ‘ask’ for ExitEvent readers is to come to the kickoff, enjoy some food, fun, and beer, and think about what kind of community you want to build. If the fund’s monetary or pledge goals resonate with you, join us!