I got to catch up with Scott Klein from StatusPage, who now lives in Portland but was in town for a few days to meet with his co-founder who is still in Cary (his other co-founder is in the Valley). We got maybe ten uninterrupted minutes we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

I met and chatted for a while with Poornima Vijayashanker, who I had been emailing a bit with but once I got into a conversation with her, I understood what she’s trying to do with Femgineer ten times better than before.

While that and some of my other conversation was about ExitEvent or the startup environment or the Triangle or football, most of what I talked about was Automated Insights, which I spend most of my waking time trying to make hugely successful. I got to talk about what I was going through with people who were going through the same things. I learned a few things, and I hope I gave some good advice in return.

Because that’s the reason I’m at the Startup Social. It’s the same reason Houghton and Moody and Klein and Vijayashanker and everyone else are at the Startup Social — egos in check, looking for that thing that’s going to help them get to the next level.