You do something long enough and you get to know the players. That’s a very positive notion when talking about the North Carolina startup scene — and a bonus that we can talk about North Carolina without limiting ourselves to Durham, Charlotte, or the Triangle.

Anyhow, NC IDEA just announced their semi-finalists for the Spring 2013 grant, of which they’ll soon pick five or six to bestow up to $50K upon, free of strings. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s probably the single best program going for North Carolina startups.

It’s the 15th cycle for NC IDEA, and this time, you already know at least ten of the 30 they picked from the 159 who applied, because ExitEvent has already written about them. In some cases, extensively.

We first wrote about Alekto in August of 2012 when they wrapped up their session at Startup Stampede. We got them again, including some words from Tiffany Smith, shortly after when they were selected to Triangle Startup Factory’s fall 2012 class, and then once more when they graduated.

We brought you eCampus, from Mooresville, NC, as they and their Roomsurf app were accepted into the latest RevTech Labs class in Charlotte back in February and as we were gearing up for our first Charlotte Startup Social back in March.

INRFOOD feels like they’ve been around a long time, probably due to the fact that they spun out of Jaargon, which also producued GoToAid. We first wrote about INRFOOD in August as a finalist for the Blue Cross/Bull City Forward accelerator. We also covered them as a finalist from TechCrunch Disrupt and a winner of the BCBS Health Innovation Challenge.

MyLearningID is also from the current RevTech Labs class, and got written up with that article back in February.

I got to have a couple of extended conversations with NeuroSpire founder Jake Stauch at last week’s Startup Madness, where I judged and he hosted after winning last year’s competition as a Duke startup. In between, we wrote about him when he was a part of Duke’s live-in incubator, inCube.

And for the record, I’ve been telling you for about six months that things are finally starting to happen in Charlotte. So it makes sense that RewardSummit is the third finalist out of the RevTech Labs current class.

Going back a bit, RxAnalytics is a startup we’ve had our eyes on for five articles now, starting with their demo at the RTP New Tech meetup in May 2012, through Startup Stampede II, then into the the Spring 2012 Triangle Startup Factory class, and as a finalist for the Fall 2012 Grant.

I first met Sanitation Creations as a judge at the Carolina Challenge in December 2011, and since then we followed them through the Cherokee Challenge and as an original member of HUB Raleigh.

SyncHear first caught our attention when they were accepted into Groundwork Labs in July 2012. They were also a finalist for the Fall 2012 Grant and are an initial tenant of the Underground at Main Street.

Finally, our newest friends aren’t even here yet. Testive is a company I was introduced to a few weeks ago, and had an extended conversation with founder Miro Kazakoff to talk about a startup scene here that he was already impressed with. They contributed to the competitive analysis column I wrote for the N&O yesterday, and they’ll be relocated here by the time the grants are awarded.