ExitEvent Last covered the RTP New Tech Meetup last May, when it was resurrected from death by StartupSpot’s (formerly VCHub) President, Jeff Boardman. I sat down with him this week to hear about the future for the meetup.

RTP New Tech helps to fill a big void that currently exists in the triangle startup ecosystem: Face to face interaction. Like ExitEvent and other similar affairs, RTP New Tech’s mission statement, according to Jeff, is to “Be a platform that allows startup communities to get feedback, pitch to an investor, show a new product, and in general get advice.”

Once upon a time, there were a wide range of social events and outlets for startups to garner feedback for their ideas. In the last year or so, due to a variety of reasons, some of these events have moved on or fizzled out. RTP New Tech has survived the test of time and aims to increase its footprint and audience in the coming months. Currently, meetups are held every other month, and will increase if the demand holds.

RTP New Tech is open to the general public and aims to attract as many non-startup people as possible to their events to encourage a greater range of feedback for presenting companies.
On Tuesday, February 26th, four companies will be showcasing their stuff:

Finder 411: An online community that networks local and independently-owned businesses with their loyal consumers. Finder 411 gives businesses direct access to their customer base. It launches this Spring.

Status Page: Focuses on API and SaaS-centric companies to provide them a solution for dynamic status pages during downtime or maintenance. StatusPage is hosted out of your infrastructure, so that when your site is down, it’s still notifying your customers of what’s going on. The founder is Scott Klein, formerly of ReverbNation.

Yaarlo: A SaaS-centric product that helps local businesses keep current customers and leverages social and mobile platforms to attract new customers.

Open My Video: A Video Marketing platform that allows you to share, analyze, and store any video messages you send throughout your professional sphere of influence.

These companies will be demoing products and would love to hear your feedback on their ideas.