8.1.14 SARAH HEADLEY@sarah_headley

Startup Jobs, the Weekly Round-up

A round-up of the coolest jobs out there at local startups

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Want an awesome job? Here's the weekly roundup of the best startup jobs around town that want you on their team.

80Pct Solutions
As digital devices become more complex, there's more to distract us. The average U.S. citizen is on a mobile device a whopping 11 hours per day. That's a lot of potential wasted time. So, 80Pct Solutions creates productivity software for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux devices to help consumers stay focused. To help more people get more stuff done, 80Pct Solutions needs sales and marketing help. It also needs a user interface designer to perform contract work.

Send your resume and cover letter to fred@80pct.com.

This company came up with a nifty solution to deploy software without using confusing script and custom code. And now the team needs to grow.

Think you've got the negotiation and management skills to close a deal with a large global, IT company? You could be the perfect fit for one of two open positions at Ansible: senior inside sales representative for enterprise or inside sales representative.

To learn more about these awesome opportunities, and to apply, click here.
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8.1.14 LAURA BAVERMAN@laurabaverman

ExitEvent's Top Stories from July 2014

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At ExitEvent, we want you up on all the topics trending and news happening in the Triangle, so here's a feature we run after each month ends recapping the most popular 10 stories and posts on our site. They're ranked below based on page views.

No surprise here, but you guys like beer and energy drinks. Everyone is pumped about the Rocky Mount Brewmill and Mati Energy—they won the month by a bunch. We also had some interesting venture capital news and commentary, and the first two chapters of an active angel investor's new book. ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo's column continues to be a hit (He's taking questions for future columns. Just email news@exitevent.com.). Readers also seem to be into an online publishing option besides Wordpress, the topic of our third most popular post from July. Catch up on all the top stories in the list below.

And to make an attempt at the Top 10, email story ideas and tips to laura@exitevent.com.

Thanks, and bring on August!

1. The Rocky Mount Brewmill: Crafting North Carolina's Future in Beer --Read On

7.31.14 LAURA BAVERMAN@laurabaverman

Woz Headlines Internet Summit in Raleigh

Apple co-founder confirms for November digital marketing event

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Confession... I'm a little excited that Steve "Woz" Wozniak will be keynoting this November's Internet Summit in Raleigh.

Another confession.

Besides that he co-founded Apple and had a funny nickname, I really didn't know the big deal about Woz until last year.

I was writing for Upstart Business Journal at the time when I had several theatrical encounters with the man. First, I saw the premiere of the musical Nerds at the Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts in Raleigh. A few months later, I was assigned to watch Jobs: The Film (which Woz has publicly denounced) on its opening night and then follow it up with a screening of the 1999 biopic Pirates of Silicon Valley, comparing and contrasting the two movies. In all three shows, it was very clear.

Woz was a genius who created world-changing technology, but who also cared deeply for people.
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7.31.14 LAURA BAVERMAN@laurabaverman

What do Music as Medicine, Text Mining and an Arrhythmia Tracker Have in Common?

Sneak preview of TSW Health coming to Durham August 8-10

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This post originally appeared on the Triangle Startup Weekend blog.

Do you have a solution that will make our healthcare system better? “Music as medicine”, “Text Mining” and “Arrhythmia tracking” are just three of dozens of solutions that will be pitched August 8 at the inaugural health-focused Triangle Startup Weekend.

If you have ever thought about starting your own health company or just want to join up with a team for a fun weekend, this is an event for you. Local food, beer, mentors and speakers like Dr. Victor Dzau, former president of the Duke University Hospital System, will be in full swing. No idea is too small!

In preparation for next Friday, nearly 100 local hackers, business professional and designers joined forces at Motorco on June 8 to share their healthcare pains. Dozens of problems and solutions were noodled over and stuck to the wall (literally). Some of the ideas shared include: --Read On

7.31.14 ELLIOTT HAUSER@hauspoor

Let's Be Catalysts for Coding Education

With a globally-known speaker and a new Meetup, the Triangle is getting serious about teaching code.

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There are so many interesting things going on in education in our area.

On August 7, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is sending its developer and educator Ben Nuttall to NC State's Hunt Library to talk about how the tiny DIY computer is being used in education. But this is more than a story of how North Carolina is getting international attention, it's about why building community is about amplifying others rather than hogging the bullhorn.

Rasbperry Pi: Tasty Coding Education

Cambridge, U.K.-based Raspberry Pi has a global community of tinkerers who are making awesome things on the device (including the Triangle's own Splat Space). Its real purpose, however, is to give kids the opportunity to program their own computers. So many digital devices hide their inner workings, and that can rob kids of the formative experience of taking things apart. The Pi is different.

I've taught workshops for kids using the Pi and it fascinates them. Combined with basic instruction in programming languages like Python or Scratch, the Pi becomes a Trojan horse, sneaking learning into play. --Read On

7.30.14 LAURA BAVERMAN@laurabaverman

TechWire: Offering a Stipend for Startups, Groundwork Labs Demonstrates Its Own Growth

New effort by the Durham accelerator to recruit non-Triangle startups.

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Content shared through an agreement between WRAL TechWire and ExitEvent.

By Rick Smith, WRAL TechWire Editor

Among all the efforts focusing on boosting startups in the Triangle these days, Groundwork Labs is unique.

It's free.

And now the three-month mentoring program, which is funded by economic development group NC IDEA, is reaching beyond the Triangle to help startups by the offering of a housing stipend. Groundwork is based at The American Underground in Durham's American Tobacco Historic District.

John Austin, director of Groundwork Labs since its launch in 2012, talked with WRAL TechWire about the new program, how Groundwork is different, and the success it has had so far in helping grow new businesses from the ground up.

The stipend will be based on the needs of the startup teams and will cover the cost of a short-term apartment in Durham, Austin explains. An application period for the fall program, which begins Oct. 6, is now open.

Our Q&A: --Read On

7.30.14 SARAH HEADLEY@sarah_headley

New Freemium App Greens JouleBug for National Growth

The three-year-old sustainability app maker unveils its latest iteration, and business plan, this fall.

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The term “carbon footprint” is used left and right, but who actually knows the size of their carbon footprint?

JouleBug founder Grant Williard didn't. His idea to create a social, mobile sustainability gaming app was born after he used numerous online carbon footprint calculators five years ago. His results weren't pretty.

Today, his JouleBug app is inspiring fun rivalries between individuals and communities as they initiate sustainable behaviors. Users complete different tasks like “Bin to Win” for recycling, “Tech Whiz” for turning their computers off and “Bottle Rocket” for refilling a reusable water bottle in return for points and badges. Users compete against others in their community to earn the most points.

The app has early revenue coming in from universities and cities, which pay an annual subscription fee to customize JouleBug for their students or residents. And the pace of downloads has picked up since Apple featured the app on Earth Day—Williard expects to hit six digits any day now.
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7.29.14 LAURA BAVERMAN@laurabaverman

The Rocky Mount Brewmill: Crafting North Carolina's Future in Beer

Why the timing might just be right for a campus dedicated to beer (and the business of it).

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With 45 breweries in planning around North Carolina, dozens of others growing exponentially each year, tens of thousands of square feet of vacant warehouse space in a community ripe for development, and three men eager and ready to build a first-of-its-kind craft beer campus, it might seem like serendipity is surrounding the Rocky Mount Brewmill.

The news leaked out in May—that the Capitol Broadcasting-owned 140-year-old textile mill (pictured left) in rural Rocky Mount will be transformed into an incubator for startup craft breweries, a contract production facility for growing breweries, a destination for lovers of craft beer, a school for those who wish to study the industry and a residential community for people who work on the campus.

It will bring life back to a economically-troubled old town and celebrate an industry already bringing national recognition to North Carolina. In a Wall Street Journal story earlier this month, our state ( and its now 110 breweries) was recognized in the top 10 for craft brewing.

In the weeks since details of the Brewmill were released, dozens of brewers have toured the facility. Many attended a June 20th kickoff event hosted by Brewmill co-founders Vann Joines and Slates Snider and master brewer Sebastian (Seabass) Wolfrum. They're all eagerly awaiting the start of construction late in 2014, once financing is secure, and a grand opening next year.

The ExitEvent team was immediately intrigued when we learned of the project from Capitol (our parent company) several months ago. It inspired the multimedia package you'll see and read below.
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7.28.14 SARAH HEADLEY@sarah_headley

In a Sea of Event Discovery Apps, Can This One Get Users Hyped?

Chapel Hill-based Hypestarter believes its transforming event discovery with new app.

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#FOMO—Fear of missing out. As a college student, I see this hashtag used on Twitter frequently and admittedly, have used it myself.

In 2014, there are a myriad of events happening around us, but we don't always know about them before they happen. Have you ever found out about one of your favorite band's concerts or a forum with a successful CEO the day after? Hypestarter wants to solve this problem.

Hypestarter is a free app that aggregates event details from online event postings ranging from live music, festivals and 5Ks to comedy events, sporting events, art shows, author events and speaker series. Co-founder Ryan Bregier's (left) goal is for it to become the events app of choice in college towns around the nation. His team of a dozen developers and interns are working tirelessly to unveil the finished app in Chapel Hill in September.

So how does it work? --Read On